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Zonemanhattan Wrodpress Plugin


Zonemanhattan plugin developed as a membership system which has Admin and User ends supporting users to purchase Food ordering plans and manage the schedule of order receiving. Users can manage days to deliver on a calendar and also postpone and renew the schedules. Paypal and Credit card payments using paypal pro is integrated for payment processing.


  1. Plugin developed for wordpress with supporting two user roles
  2. Admin can manage Plans/ Renew Plans , Users, Delivery schedules, Postpones / Renews
  3. Users can order/ renew plans, Postpone, Manage their profiles
  4. Hooks and Filters used to better support wordpress
  5. Custom database table used to manage users (NOT wp_users)
  6. Custom functions for Register, Login, Logout and forget password
  7. Sensitive actions is logged in a log table
  8. Sends email notifications for sensitive actions (for both Admin and Users)