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About ThemeJung


xclusive Developer Program

Outsourcing sometime not a solution; newly introduce our exclusive developer program targeting the companies how require dedicated team of people carry out their projects and get completed with higher achievement rate and top quality. You are not pay for the size of the project. But the duration the developers involved. The intention of this program to reduce the client cost for the physical infrastructure, welfare and responsibility towards employees while those taking care by the ThemeJung.


s Web Products selling company

ThemeJung developers are skilled and eager towards developing. The ThemeJung shop has the products develop in-house ThemeJung and the prices are much lower than the normal price for similar products in the market while the quality is higher.
The product support and service available 24/7 and the money back guarantee on products under terms and conditions.


s a Outsourcing company

ThemeJung offer full cycle custom web application, websites, wordpress/joomla/magento development services, and help our client’s product ideas in to actions.

We have solid experience of developing custom software applications and applications related to content management systems such as WordPress, joomla including plugins and themes. We deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions to your projects focus.

We have staff skilled in different technology aspects. That way we are able to manage the project quality against the project timelines. ThemeJung introduce various different web development packages ensuring the benefits for range of customers.

ChecklistTop Product Quality
Our product development and App releases on several stages to ensure the quality of the Apps we deliver and make sure customer meets all his requirements. The cyclic testing process ensure the products are bug free and meets the quality.

ChecklistCost Saving
Better planning and Aiming the right technology at first time made it possible to reduce the cost for a product by a considerable amount. This differ us from our potential competitors. Better specification gathering and planning process reduces the timeline required while improving the quality.

ChecklistSecurity of Products
Whether your requirement is a simple Web solution or a complex application like shopping cart systems, Application Security is paramount. ThemeJung make sure cover the aspect of protecting your customer’s sensitive data like personal, particularly payments, credit card informations and etc.

ChecklistCustomer Help & Support
We are make sure to provide Cost Effectiveness, Uniqueness and Creativity products always take the responsibility behalf of the customer and provide our 24/7 online help support where possible.